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I went in to get my smog done on my 1996 Ford Explorer and Hammer took care of it. I was so happy that he was there to help, I have been going there for about 10 years now and everyone there is super nice and really helpful. I highly recommend them!

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Went to Purrfect Auto Service, 45 Rio Rancho Road #5a, Pomona, CA 91766 to have a smog check done on my car. Gave a coupon and was given a quote that seemed higher than expected. Asked employee to break it down so I knew what I was paying for and did not want to give a clear answer. Tried to get it clarified and employee got rude and said to pay or go somewhere else. I asked what he said since I could not believe what he told me, and he threw... Read more

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Purrfect auto 1770 Charleston I was quoted $300 to replace my power steering pump, after having it replaced 3 times the pump still made noise, my radio was broken ,my car leaked and the reservoir was broken and glued back together.After speaking with the manager he never agreed to fix what was originally broken and that he would speak to his mechanics about the glued reservoir. This place is horrible they collect your money and have no clue on... Read more

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I called Purrfect Auto, located at 5735 South Durango, in Las Vegas NV,to find out how much it would cost to install an AC compressor kit which includes dryer, orings, and compressor and had it filled with freon along with my serphantine belt to be put on(i bought all my own parts). I was quoted $150. This sounded fair, so I agreed to come in Saturday. I dropped my car off Saturday. After it got done, I was told it was going to be $207.00 and... Read more

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I brought in a vehicle that they had worked on because of a noise I heard when driving my car. Since they did replace the front struts on my vehicle at a cost of $787, I thought maybe there might be another problem they did not catch. I brought the vehicle back and the individual drove the car around and informed me that I needed front wheel bearings replaced. The initial charge was $560 but was told he would do it for $490. I hesitated about... Read more

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During the 4th of July week end, I went to vist my Family in Las Vegas, I currently Live in El Paso, Tx During My trip I realized my car needed an oil change. I stopped off at Purrfect auto they had a special for $10.00 extra to top off the fluids on the car. I paid for it. I drove the car 1/2 block stopped and checked to see if they had topped off the fluids which they did not do so I went back and talk to murice to complain to him about... Read more

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I found coupon from penny saver issue date Oct 2,2013. Coupon statete SMOG CHECK $29.99 For cars 96& newer Plus $8.25 for state certificate Regular Price $49.99 plus certificate Extra fee for vehicles 95 &older Most cars truck & SUV extra I took coupon for smog check. According to the coupon they should accept the coupon. But they didnt. They said this coupon is valid only for HONDA,TOYOTA and HYNDI and not for FORD mustand. Coupon... Read more

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August 2, 2013. Went to Purrfect Auto #263 at 7501 W. Washington Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89128. A pleasure to deal with Tomas the manager and his mechanic. They correctly diagnosed my problems(a leaking power steering high pressure hose)and they also replaced my radiator hoses and did a coolant flush for a VERY good price. They even repaired my gas gauge at no charge. I couldn't be happier with their service. They really know their business. Will... Read more

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I found an ad for a smog check and went to see them. After the smog check was complete, the mechanic called me over and told me that my car needed a lot of work. I told him I was busy and that he'd have to just give me a print-out of the recommendations. He tried to offer me a "killer deal" after I repeatedly refused any more service. The bill would have come to over $1100. When I took it to my trustworthy mechanic with those... Read more

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Took my car to have it smogged which I have own since 1995 has always been Honda dealer serviced with original Honda parts no after markets part. the smog result came in and emissions were great, evap was great and visual inspection they claim it did not pass because of my timing apparently they want 16 degrees on the timing and my car had 20 degrees. I am an amateur mechanic my self and with my experience 4 degrees does not affect emissions.... Read more

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