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I was so upset reading all this online. I've taken my car into Purrfect Auto Service twice within the last year.

The first visit (5/15/09) cost me $440.04 for all new rotors and pads including warranty. The second visit (3/15/10) cost me $248.94 for new premium pads and hardware including another warranty. When I asked about the warranty I purchased the first time, I was told that it was for "wear and tear" only (not sure why I needed new pads if they weren't worn out?). Because I have no knowledge of cars or what repairs I needed, I listened to the bogus excuses from the store manager.

When the mechanic was done installing my "new" pads and hardware, my brakes were still squeaking. The mechanic told me that I might have to bring the car back in on Monday (this was a Saturday) so I went back in to talk to the store manager. He told me that it would squeak for awhile because the parts were new. Today the squeaking is worse than ever…I'm returning to the same place on Saturday to have them "fix" my brakes for FREE.

In retrospect, I wish I had never gone to Purrfect Auto Service.

Monetary Loss: $681.

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