Took my car to have it smogged which I have own since 1995 has always been Honda dealer serviced with original Honda parts no after markets part. the smog result came in and emissions were great, evap was great and visual inspection they claim it did not pass because of my timing apparently they want 16 degrees on the timing and my car had 20 degrees. I am an amateur mechanic my self and with my experience 4 degrees does not affect emissions. ask your self what is smog test really for?

is for emissions for our atmosphere to be more healthy? or to see how your car looks? not only that, but these people also wanted to charge $50 because it did not pass there visual. I do not know if this is the technique they use to scam innocent people and blood suck them with their money. this is ridiculous. the attitude of SHANON was very ignorant, rude, and unprofessional.

service here is HORRIBLE. Avoid "purrfect auto service". they are in the corner of Rio rancho road and park avenue in Pomona, Ca 91766.

they should change there shop name to "HORRIBLE AUTO SERVICE"

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London, Ontario, Canada #901074

Timing has a fair bit to do wiwith emissions actually and 4 degrees is a pretty significant change. You have no clue.

Upland, California, United States #899159

if you have a problem with smog passin or falling you can get information with the state of California. remember the smog stations have to follow a strict guideline on smog inspections.if you set your timing out of specs.

then you fail. it has nothing to with the smog inspections stations. maybe next time don't set your timing out of specs.

and then go get a smog. think about it

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