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Hey everyone. I'm declaring war on Purrfect Auto Service.

It's time to clean out the garbage in Vegas! I'm calling on all citizens who have been taken advantage of by PAS in the past. Help out. Please post your complaints on every website you can think of.

Yelp, citysearch, and right here if you like. They are back in court next week and it's time that the people are heard.

We need to spread the word. I'm open to suggestions on any other ideas you might have.

Thank you and god bless you

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I don't know which shops you guys are going to but the one on D.I is wonderful!!! Yeah they're pricey but they get the job done right!

I went to a different shop to get my trany reconstructed and 1 month later my car stopped moving completely i took it to Purrfect on D.I and sandhill and they fixed it and my baby runs smoothly. So I would disagree with what you guys are saying!


i gotta agree with you i had just gotten a oil change because it is cheap. and the store manager steve.

tells me i gotta get a timing belt change and that my valve cover gasket is leaking.

i'm like oh really thats way to funny because i just got the valve cover gasket replaced 2 months ago and the all new belts replaced last month. the *** turns around and goes oh i guess you did..i will never go there every again or meniken on serene, cuz i had to go to them to repair there mistakes 6 times...

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