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Car was overheating. I was told verbally they would change the Thermostat, Gasket and Plastic Water Tank which would cost me $726 after $75 for estimate. I did sign a blank invoice no. 413382.

When I got home, saw he had done other things and I still a problem with the car. I did not authorize Shaun to do anything listed on the final invoice.

I am ignorant of what it should cost and was being taken advantage of. The other work was Steering Flush/Fluid, Brake Flush/Fluid, Flush Cooling System/DEX Coolant. I was overcharged for labor also.

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Yeah, the one on 95 and Ann is pretty *** up. The guy there even looks at you funny, he looks like a child molester.

I felt real funny there last time, I won't be coming back.

Their oil change used to be 9.95, now it's 11.95, for ten bucks more I have a piece of mind. :roll


I went to the location on 95 and Ann road two weeks ago and they do the same thing to me. They try to tell me that my drain plug is bad, my brother told me to take my car somewhere else.

Turned out to be a 20 dollar fix. They almost got me for 400 dollars because i'm a woman.


I went to purrfect auto on Maryland pkwy. They strip my drain plug and wouldn't fix it for free.

They wanted me to pay for a new oil pan, like $350 plus installation. The manager was very rude when I ask for just oil change, he say the oil will leak everytime, but I don't have that much money. Later I go to tireworks and they tell me it's just a drain plug and purrfect auto caused it all in the first place. I pay 35 dollars for oil change and new drain plug and have no more leaks anymore.

When I call back Purrfect auto they are very short and hang up on me.

Very poor customer service, nobody in my family will go there anymore. Greedy and bad customer service, don't take your car there.


Anybody want to know the truth about Purrfect Auto just google the name Shafik Hirji and read the horro stories. It's pretty scary that a company like this is still in business. And Shafik is now in jail still moving his puppets from behind bars.


Shaun of the dead for you :( :zzz :( :x :( :sigh :( :cry :(


BLANK FORMS+PURRFECT AUTO= :( DISASTER :cry :x :upset :( :cry



I did sign a blank invoice no. 413382.

dont sign blank invoices

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