No Joke They will rip you off!! I took my car here for a water pump and manifold intake gasket change.

By the time they were done My car was shutting off on its own. Told me I needed all this extra work done, that they "fixed". P.s. Never had any issues before i took it there.

Next thing i know I have to get my car towed somewhere else because they cant fix anything. They were rude and @ this point I'm positive they are not qualified at all!! They swore only the GM dealer could fix it.

Lies. It's fixed from the other shop

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Please show up at 693 N Valle Verde Henderson Nevada on Saturday the 22nd at 8 am..The news will be there! Purrfect Auto protest!

contact me at heidi1973@yahoo.com


Purrfect Auto is the biggest ripoff in the car industry. And people keep going there cose of the coupons.

Everybody should sign a petition not to receive their mailers and we could end this crooked business once and for all. :grin

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