Unfortunately and sorry to say, I was employed (now quit) by Purrfect Auto Service (Mesa & Phoenix locations) and seen the way they run their operation. Example; they use their $9.95 oil change special with free inspection to lure in the costumers.

As soon as the car is in the shop/lift they do their so called free inspection. If its not dirty its dirty now, if its not broken its broken now. If you request for the best think twice because it won't last. 20 mins later the manager comes with a list of repairs that you didn't need before but will now need.

As soon as the costumer agrees to the repair such as K-services (all they do is top off with fluid instead of exchanging them due to not having the proper equipment), brake jobs use only the cheapest parts u can find never mind the durability, (if equipped with rear drums at this shop you're going to need wheel cylinders due to manager rigging the boots to be licking), or any repair jobs. And of course, they have you for a sucker. Talking about "costumer service lady" (no names) very unpleasant welcomes and degrade their own costumers for unwanted repairs.

Basically, its about bring in the numbers by the end of the week. please pass the word and save your pocket from get ripped, thank u and good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Purrfect Auto Service Repair.

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why work at p.a.s. or any other employeer for (3) years if the business practices are questionable...

I think you have it backwards, if you performed dishonest services.. your responsible..

should have quit.... get some bigger balls ....leave next time

Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #183885

You have to be on crack to take your car to purrfect auto :eek :zzz :upset :eek :p :cry :( :upset :? :roll :eek :zzz ;) 8) :grin


don't go there...they'll rip your ***....

Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #180597

So I don't get it. Are they ripped like Stallone?

Or are they ripped like we got ripped off? Last time i went to purrfect they didn't look too ripped, they really should go to the gym more often.

Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #179791

Everything he said is true. I worked for purrfect for over 3 years.

The shops are bait and switch. Get them in with the cheap coupon and hit them up hard with sales. Brakes, flushes, tuneups you name it we can do it all. The whole company is ran by Shafik and Haneef who demand the numbers and will threaten you if you don't perform.

They don't care how you do it, they want the sales and the dollars. 60 hours a week is standard at every shop but you can make 1,500 a week, if u don't mind ripping off people every day.

Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #179790

The reason people keep going back there is the cheap bait coupons. $10 oil change and smog check, I mean come on, we all know they can't pay the bills on that.

Anybody that's lived in Vegas for at least 2 years knows that all purrfects are ripoffs. Everybody in this town knows somebody, a family member, a friend or a co-worker who's been cheated by Purrfect auto and these are the facts.

How come there's only like 15 shops now, if i remember correctly at one point there were as many as 34 stores in Vegas. Shame on you "Randy" for sticking up for this criminal organization.


I wonder how long you worked for purrfect Auto? It is hard to believe what you're saying for several reasons.

If this is a normal practice of any business I don't think the business will last more than few weeks. Purrfect Auto one of the busiest Auto repair shops. Why people keep going back over and over again for there car services.

They must be doing something right and you know it Mr. X employee.

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