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I go to the Purrfect auto(IMPURRFECT, LOL) on Craig Rd & the 95 but each of the shops, individually are ALL ripoff artists! I wrote to Channel 13 Investigates and am asking them to help me get something done to get these lowlives shut down or maybe we can even file a class action lawsuit and get some money back. I'm into them over 4000 and both my cars still do not run right.tThey caused damage to my car & I KNOW THAT & they need to STOP STEALING OUR MONEY-- they are the biggest schemers I ever saw & WE NEED TO stand up to them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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San Gabriel, California, United States #753148

I lost over $5000 myself on my car, which I finally had to donate as the motor was shot, there were even bolts left off the motor mounts. Has anyone else replied to you? I had about four to five di8fferent managers by the time I found out that they never did do the work on my motor.


I went to perfect auto for a oil change,desert inn and boulder hwy,they loosened the valve cover so my car started leaking oil,when i took it back they advised me to change my main seal 1000 dollar job,i took it to my reg mechanic and he tighted up the valve cover and that fixed it.the sooner they are shut down the better for all of us


They charged me $2300 for an auto repair and the car is still running awful!!!

Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #348455

Everyone knows that auto is a ripoff. Make sure you tell all your friends and family to avoid their stores at all cost. Get the word out!


Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #317501

Pay attention to the news, the state has just won their case against Purrfect Auto Service last month. It took them like 5 years but they got a $100k in customer refunds, $100k in fines and more in legal fees against purrfect. You might be a little late with your class action lawsuit.

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