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These guys are crooks! I was only planning on getting an oil change.

Within 10 minutes of giving them my keys, I was led into the garage by a manager, and was shown the "problems" with my car. For a brake adjustment, draining and refilling of fluids (transmission, radiator, power steering, brake fluid), replacement of two belts, fuel injection service, air filter (both cabin and engine), and oil replacement, the guy gave me a quote of $500! I asked what the price would be without the cabin air filter, and he said $400. Then I asked what the price would be without the fluid replacement, and he gave me a quote of $200.

Meanwhile, he was scribbling all these quotes on the bill of service. I finally agreed to the $200 service, and he told me it would take about 2 hours. When I was later called up to the desk to pay, the sales clerk rung me up for $400! I had him call in the manager, and reminded him that we had agreed on the $200 service.

He said, "I am sorry, but you signed next to the $400 quote, and that is what we agreed on." Showing me the bill of service, I realized that- even though he had circled the number 200 at the top of the page, he had me sign next to his scribbling of "$400". I tried arguing my point again, but it was only me against their whole scam operation. I was basically mugged $200.

Please DO NOT get service done at this place, unless you like to give away money to dirtbags!! On another note, the car that they "fixed" is making worse sounds than when I took it in.

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Yup I went to get an oil change,just the oil change and I waited for almost 2 hours then they start telling me that I need a transmission fluid flushed and replace the gasket n filter and tell me no oil in the engine so I have to replaced it so I was actually counting & adding all the fees it went up $280 so I told the guy that I just replaced the tran. Fluid last year and the only thing I'm getting a oil change coz I haven't really change it for 4 months but trans.

Fluid steering fluid are actually good. But then again the guy was like i will recommend to changed it buddy so I turn around n told him I don't give a f&$K all I want is my oil change then he says will if it brake down on you it's not our problem so I said oh yeah it's ur problem coz I came here juz for the oil change coz all that problem you talking about it was not there when I got here so any problem after that ur responsible for it coz I know what I put n what I change to my truck and all that problem ur talking about I think there ok unless u guys f$&k it up..

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