I called Purrfect Auto, located at 5735 South Durango, in Las Vegas NV,to find out how much it would cost to install an AC compressor kit which includes dryer, orings, and compressor and had it filled with freon along with my serphantine belt to be put on(i bought all my own parts). I was quoted $150. This sounded fair, so I agreed to come in Saturday.

I dropped my car off Saturday. After it got done, I was told it was going to be $207.00 and my ac wasn't working, and they needed an extra $150 dollars to diagnose it. They also told me I need a new shredder valve because mine was leaking, and this would be an extra $90 plus they'd charge me to refill the system on top of that. I opted not to do that, since I had given them $207 and my AC still isn't working.

I got home, looked in my trunk, and saw my new serphantine belt, along with my AC accumulator dryer and orings, part of my kit, were not installed. I called the shop and the man on the phone was very rude and unprofessional. I explained my situation, what I was quoted vs what actually was done to my car. He then when back on what was agreed and told me the mechanic wasn't going to open up my glovebox to install my kit, for the amount I paid. I was upset because I was told my kit would be installed for the $150, and not only did my compressor not work, my kit was never installed, only the compressor was, and it cost me $207.

I told him next time to be more clear with the customer, if they are told they are getting a service, they expect that promise to be fufilled. He then got disrespectful. Said "There wont be a next time, we wont be doing further business with you, and we covered our *** legally by the invoice i gave you" At that point I told him that because my whole kit was not installed, if it burns up my new compressor, theyd be liable, he said "I don't give a *** if it burns up. like i said, we covered our *** with our invoice" and he hung up on me.

What I want is either a refund, since I dropped $207 and basically got ripped off, or I want the rest of my kit to be installed along with my AC compressor to work(which I paid for, to be fixed) I do not trust that front desk employee, who refused to give me his name and talked fowl and disrespectfully to me.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $207.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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