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I went to PurrfectAuto on Maryland pkwy for the brake pads change for my car. They told me that I have to change the new Rotor too.

I told them ok which cost me $XXX. I don't know much about car but the "New" rotor look rusty. Purrfect told me that is normal for new break rotor. 2 month afterI needed to sell my car.

The buyer want to have the car inspect at the dealer in the automall. The dealer told me that My "New Rotor" was in fact old and thin. The dealer showed me the Actual "New" one also. I went back to Purrfectauto and complained to the Manager.

The manager agreed to get me the Actual New one but don't want me to talk about why they Ripped Me off earlier.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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The rotors should only be replaced if they are below discard specs, every legitimate shop knows that. Rust has no significance unless we're talking about a 65 Mustang or something.

If the rotors were not replaced, that's fraud.

You should contact the local attorney general's office, Purrfect Auto is under investigation and you might even get a refund in the end. 8)


BTW does anybody know who the owner is at this location? It's the one at Maryland pkwy and Reno. Thanks

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