I went to purrfect auto service several years ago because they are located walking distance from where I live and convenient. I went in for a simple oil change and they called saying I needed much more service done, specifically an air filter for a $75 charge.

I told them to hold off on it for now and I will do it very soon.

Instead, a few months later I went to Big O tire out in Palm Dessert (visiting my parents) for another oil change and I asked them about the condition of my air filter and the service people at Big O said the air filter was in almost brand new condition. Purrfect will rip you off any chance they get.

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Another location controlled by the hirji family. They are under investigation by the CA and NV attorney general and the IRS is after them for tax evasion. Stay away from all purrfects, you just never knjow


I was also ripped-off at one of those Purrfect's. This one is on Simmons and Ann Rd, I ended up paying a deposit of $700 from the total of $1400, and all they did was pull out the AC parts, and put them back in the car.

The reason why they put everything back is because one of the parts that I bought, which they told would fit, actually did not fit, but they tell me this after I paid the deposit. So I would have to go buy another compressor, they tell me. So I told them to forget about. I did not have any more money, and they wouldnt give me back my money for something they made a mistake on by telling me it fit.

And a weird thing is that the original estimate to do everything, came out to $1373, but the mechanics said that it would be cheaper to buy the parts myself. So I bought a compressor, receiver dyer, and condensor, and when I bring all of this to the shop, instead of the price dropping, it went up to $1600, then I look at the guy and he tells me "You know what, Im gonna give a discount of $160", maybe he tought that was too much money for them to steal from me.

The only reason why I agreed to this is the way they explained everything, and I really wanted the AC fixed. So everyone, stay away from these people.


They just shut down 6 purrfect auto stores in my town. It's about time the state took care of business with these criminals.

I had acousin who used to work for them and they never pay him his final check.

These crooks got what they deserve. :zzz

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