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This place has just screwed me out of $1900 dollars and put a junk motor in my car that doesn't even run right!!! They also must have opened the lines on my A/C or something, so now that doesn't work either. The clutch does not even kick on anymore, and I had perfectly cold R12 A/C before!!! GRRRRRR!!!

The guy held my car ransom and would not even let me test drive it to see if it was running right before paying him. All the bad reviews you find about them are 100% true, and there is definitely a reason they have an F rating in the Better Business Bureau. He simply does not care. He even demanded that I pay with a cashiers check or money order, so I could not dispute the charges with Visa. As soon as he started asking for that, I knew something was going to be wrong. I am going to do everything in my power to make this scam artist refund my money or close them down!!! It's guys like this who give mechanics a bad reputation!!!

He was supposed to swap all the best parts from my engine over to the used motor he bought for it. I specifically noted that the turbo would need to be swapped from my engine to the other motor, because I knew it was fine, and I have no idea what a junk yard motor comes with. In that situation, anyone would swap turbos. The turbo does not work at all, and the entire motor will have to be removed again to even change that. I don't even want the piece of junk motor in it at all. This is a beautiful classic car, and he just ruined it!!! I even told him how particular I am about my car and he lied and acted like it would all be done as we discussed. I made it very clear what was to be done, and he made it seem like he was going to do it, but his tone changed completely, once he had my car and held it for ransom. He turned into the ah-ole from *** then.

Trust me. You absolutely do not want the stress and hassles I just went through. Now, it's a nightmare. I'm going to have to sue them and try to get my money back. This guy is a scam artist!!! You will not be happy with anything he does. Avoid that chop shop like the plague!!! You will get ripped off if you hire this ah-ole!!!

Read the bad reviews for yourself. I'll bet the few good ones were fakes posted by him or someone he knows. There are more bad reviews than good, for sure.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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