Purrfect Auto Service on Ann Rd is a total ripoff. These people have taken my money twice and have done nothing to help me...

The last time my car was missing... They put it on their scope and said although it is missing they could find nothing wrong with it...

They stated that it was not electrical... and charged me $98.00 for looking...

I took it to a another shop and they found the problem in 15 minutes... It was a bad plug... I don't believe they even open the hood... This is twice they have cheated me...

The first time I believed them but now I know their game...

Watch out for them... They will take you money and give you nothing in return...

Monetary Loss: $98.

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Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #205164

They took your money twice and did nothing? They took my money and messed up my car.

You were lucky girlfriend. :upset

Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #198550

they took $225 of my money. Don't trust purrfect auto, they are all ripoffs.

Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #194447

Purrfect Auto is going to trial next month. Keep your eyes on Channel 8.

They said they're gonna cover the big event. :zzz

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