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Last November I took our car to Purrfect Auto at Sunset and Valle Verde in Henderson, Nv for an oil change and brake job while there they convinced me that I needed new struts, being nieave I agreed to it, they had to keep the car over night waiting for parts. The next day they called me at home and told me that the catalytic converter was at 60% capacity and needed to be replaced at about $1000.00 when we went to pick up the car the tolm me the price didn't include labor , the price now being $1,450.00 but we still needed to bring the car back the next day as a part, something to do with the manifold hadn't come in.

We heard ratteling in the front end when we took it back and told them about it, the checked out and said the installed the wrong strut mounts and would replace them, after that it seemed ok.

Shortly after this my wife was in a car accident that caused suspension damage to the left front, the Manager at the dealership showed me that the strut mounts had not been replaced, just Mickey Moused so they wouldn't rattle, I asked about the catalytic converter, he told me that with the low mileage on the car he doubted that struts or the converter needed replaced but the remaining strut mount does need to be replaced. I have tried to use Purrfect Autos web site to try to get this corrected, they have no responded, does anybody have any suggestions?.

Monetary Loss: $2450.

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