I just recently went into a "Purrfect Auto" location Cave Creek Rd. just south of Thunderbird Rd.

I had a coupon for a 9.95 oil change.The manager told me the 9.95 was for 4 cylinder cars 14.95 for 6 cylinder and 19.95 for 8.

I walked out and reviewed coupon and discovered it stated none of this.I went back to ask manager to show me this and he stormed off and told me " have a nice f@#$n day".I asked him"what" and he repeated "Have a nice F@#$n day sir".I told him I was going to report him to the BBB and he repeated the Fraze again.

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Isn't Jack Sellers the guy who spikes little kids' drinks and then buggers them?? :eek


This company was in the news 11 years ago!!! Read for yourself:

Purrfect Auto to Settle Car Repair Fraud Suit


A Fullerton auto repair shop will pay $15,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the Orange County district attorney's office accusing its owners of misleading and overcharging customers, prosecutors said Tuesday.

A sting conducted by the California Bureau of Auto Repair showed that Purrfect Auto #63 exceeded estimates without car owners' approval, charged for parts never installed and talked customers into unnecessary repairs, Assistant Dist. Atty. Wendy Brough said.

As a result of the findings, the state also placed Purrfect Auto's license on probation for three years, ordered the shop to close for five days and fined it $5,000.

Nader Keyomarsi, identified by the district attorney's office as one of the shop's two owners, denied any knowledge of the case.

"I'm clueless about it," Keyomarsi said. Keyomarsi also denied he owned Purrfect Auto, putting his position with the shop as "conductor, like in a symphony."



They still owe me 2 paychecks. I use to work for purrfect auto on Rancho and Decatur.

The manager tell me to come back next week, then nobody was there, all new people. I call back several times, after a few weeks I go back and the shop is closed now.

I dont know what to do i dont have any papers so i cant get a lawyer. They hire everybody like me and never pay us.


At least I put my real name. and I don't work for this piece of *** company any longer adn you still do.

Purrfect auto is going down, they are shutting down the franchise next month and i'm gonna throw a party you faggots.



Show up this Saturday at 693 N Valle Verde Henderson Nevada..Huge protest!

email me at heidi1973@yahoo.com Channel 8 will be there to hear your voices!


Sounds like jack sellers here hasnt been *** in his *** by his boyfriend yet today. I would like to know where you got your infinate wisdom from.

Stop crying about how much you have to pay to get your car fixed, if you cant afford to fix it the right way mabey you shouldnt be driving at all. Your probably some bitter 23 year old spoiled *** whos sad that you have to spend your parents money to fix your car instead of buying crank and screwing your boyfriend.


Jack Sellers?? The child molester?


I no longer visit Purrfect Auto. They do not deserve to make money and take other shops out of business.

This company owner from Nevada has been kicked out of California for employee law fraud, but still does business in CA. Worst company ever to visit or work for.



This company is the worst place to work. They cut me off work without paying x3 weeks.

every paycheck was returned to my bank claiming no money in the employers account.

they still owe me. they are rude, unloving their customers, unethical, cheaters, people that commit fraud and take advantage of California laws!


I am a regular customer of the Cave Creek location and have always had pleasant service. I go for my oil change every three months and have never been diappointed with their work. I have meet several members of the owners family and trust that they are and honest family owned business.


Stay away from all Purrfect Autos. If we all boycott them we can defeat them.

Many of them are out of business now.

They will rip you off, don't replace parts, upsell and treat you rude when you complain. Nevada, California and Arizona all the same.


Yeah that sounds like Jason. He can be a real as..ole with customers sometime.

He was on TV too last year when Purfect got caught on channel 8.

What a character. :roll :upset :zzz


Nice comment by valued customer. Must be Jason, Chip or Brian.

They are all crooks and work for the Hirji family. They work in Vegas now, transferd them coz of too many complaints.

What a joke! :grin :zzz :upset


I have been a customer of Purrfect Auto on cave creek, and I have never be treated rudely by anyone at the location. Chip, Jason and Brian are wonderfull to work with.

They are honest and helpful. Don't let the former employees judge there bussiness.

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