I just recently went into a "Purrfect Auto" location Cave Creek Rd.just south of Thunderbird Rd.

I had a coupon for a 9.95 oil change.The manager told me the 9.95 was for 4 cylinder cars 14.95 for 6 cylinder and 19.95 for 8.

I walked out and reviewed coupon and discovered it stated none of this.I went back to ask manager to show me this and he stormed off and told me " have a nice f@#$n day".I asked him"what" and he repeated "Have a nice F@#$n day sir".I told him I was going to report him to the BBB and he repeated the Fraze again.


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Stay away from all Purrfect Autos.If we all boycott them we can defeat them.

Many of them are out of business now.

They will rip you off, don't replace parts, upsell and treat you rude when you complain.Nevada, California and Arizona all the same.


Yeah that sounds like Jason.He can be a real as..ole with customers sometime.

He was on TV too last year when Purfect got caught on channel 8.

What a character.:roll :upset :zzz


Nice comment by valued customer.Must be Jason, Chip or Brian.

They are all crooks and work for the Hirji family. They work in Vegas now, transferd them coz of too many complaints.

What a joke!:grin :zzz :upset


I have been a customer of Purrfect Auto on cave creek, and I have never be treated rudely by anyone at the location.Chip, Jason and Brian are wonderfull to work with.

They are honest and helpful.Don't let the former employees judge there bussiness.

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