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I won in court today! The Bureau of Automotive Repair came as my witness, and it went down smoothly.

These guys overcharged me without my approval, then refused to stop work. The Sheriff had to come out in order to force them to give me my car back, whereupon they charged me a second time for the same work they never completed in the first place. Purrfect Auto left parts in the trunk, charged me for parts they never ordered, and charged me twice for disassembly/reassembly/repair on parts that show no evidence of having been touched.

The BAR took pics and established fraud with the assistance of my new shop. We have these crooks dead to rights on fraud and grand theft.

I love a win.

Review about: Purrfect Auto Service Repair.

Monetary Loss: $6611.

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Hi Agnes,

It depends on which store ripped you off. They all have "fake" owners.

The real owners are Shafik, Hanif and Kazeema Hirji, but they use other peoples name and credit to open up shops. It's a multi-state scheme.

:cry :cry :cry


I wanted to know if someone can contact me, because I am getting ready to due battle with them. 1000 and they still want to charge me 600 to fix what they didnt fix the first time


Any progress with your case yet? Have you been able to locate the owner of the business?

Keep us up to date. Thx


They have a bunch of store in her name in Vegas too. Charleston/Bruce, Desert Inn/BH, Sunset and Valle Verde, Rainbow and Oakey and a few others. Just look it up man.


look up Nariman Alabani, she's the owner of alabani inc. Word is that she's dating Shafik Hirji, one of the founding fathers of purrfect Auto.

They are building the case against the franchise from California, i don't think they will be in business much longer. The state isn't ***.


I know that five locations were shut down around this area, but the parent co Alabani, Inc. is still alive and well, doing business in NV.

They are attempting to continue to issues licenses here so the closed locations can reopen under new franchise owners. They still exist, and they still have assets.


I went to the one on Folsom Blvd in Sacramento.

Thank you for the feedback on collecting! It does sound like a hassle, but I got a big packet of info from the BAR to help.

I did hear about the Sherriff taking the till.

Legal advice guys at the courthouse said we can even park a Marshall there at the site to take whatever cash comes in that day. I might just hire a PI to find some bank accounts or real property and go after it directly.


Yes, you can collect, but it will take some time. You have to take the judgement to court and get a collection's notice.

After that, they will have to start paying or else the sheriff will take their cash drawer or anything else valuable at the premises. Make sure you write down all the names too, you might need them later to prove that it's still the same people running the place. They tend to change the name on their license periodically to get out of lawsuits and judgements.

It took me over 2 years to collect $3k from Purrfect auto on Eastern av in Henderson.

Respond to this post if you need any help.


Good luck collecting on that, these guys are professional crooks, they will find a way not to pay you. What location was it anyway?

Soudan, Pays De La Loire, France #159416

Great! I love these kind of good news stories. Hope they pay up nicely, and you don't have to put up with that hassle!

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