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Beware of using Purrfect Auto Service #50. They are anything but perfect.

They replaced two of my tires (run-flats) with regular tires despite my asking for run-flats, despite the manual saying not to mix regular tires with run-flats, and despite saying they put run-flats on the car. I took the car back because the tire sensor light kept coming on and they still didn't recognize the error. They still don't and claim they did nothing wrong. I finally had to spend the day taking it elsewhere to find out why the car drove so loosely.

Another mechanic took 10 seconds to tell me the problem was that they didn't put run flats on! Purrfect Auto #50 are incompetent, negligent and crooks.

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The owner is Rudy Cornejo. He drives a BMW himself, probably bought the tires for his own bimmer and sold you the cheepo ones.

Sucks man. :eek


Obviously, "Sally" is from Purrfect Auto Service #50 which would be another reason to avoid using this business.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #76026

I hope they shove the "run-flats" up your a$$.

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